Planetary Field Analogues (PFA) offer access to 5 well-characterised terrestrial field sites that have been selected so as to provide the most realistic analogues of surfaces of Mars, Europa and Titan, to which planetary missions have either recently been directed or are planned. Access is provided for scientists to perform high quality scientific research and test instrumentation for space missions under realistic planetary conditions and undertake comparative planetology research.

The five PFA sites are:

  1. Rio Tinto Field Site, Spain

  2. Ibn Battuta Centre, Morocco

  3. The glacial and volcanically active areas of Iceland, Iceland

  4. Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

  5. Tírez Lake, Spain

Potential applicants are, however, strongly advised to make contact with staff of the proposed host facility to ensure that proposals are viable and/or choosing the optimal facility for the proposed research.   Each TA has a contact person. Please see the links on the right. These people will be responsible for checking the technical feasibility of your proposal.

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