Distributed Planetary Simulation Facility (DPSF) provides access to a set of laboratory facilities that are able to recreate and simulate the conditions found in the atmospheres and on the surfaces of planetary systems with special attention to Martian, Titan and Europa analogues. TA2 also includes the possibility to characterise the texture and mineral composition of samples in unprecedented detail as well as the ability to detect and characterise life, including Next Generation Sequencing.  The seven DPSF are:

  1. Planetary Emissivity Laboratory, Germany

  2. Planetary Environment Facilities at Aarhus University, Denmark  Not available in Call 5 as already over subscribed

  3. Open University Mars Chamber, UK

  4. High-pressure laboratory at VUA, NL

  5. Cold Surfaces spectroscopy, Institut de Planétologie et Astrophysique de Grenoble (IPAG), France

  6. Center for microbial life detection at Medical University Graz, Austria

  7. Petrology-Mineralogy Characterisation Facility (PMCF), Mineral and Planetary Sciences Division, Natural History Museum, London, UK

Potential applicants are, however, strongly advised to make contact with staff of the proposed host facility to ensure that proposals are viable and/or choosing the optimal facility for the proposed research.   Each TA has a contact person. Please see the links on the right. These people will be responsible for checking the technical feasibility of your proposal.

Please add the Europlanet official Acknowledgement below to each publication and dissemination activity
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